Sep 25, 2010 Addendum:  My face is so red….  It turns out you can easily set a Passcode protection in XBMC (instead of going through the manual process outlined below!)  All you need to do is Press and Hold the “Menu” button, and a pop-up Menu will appear giving you, among other options, the ability to Passcode protect a source folder.

I knew sooner or later someone will ask if it’s possible to Passcode protect a video source for privacy. Admit it, the reason why you have huge capacity hard disks is to store your massive collection of “prawns”. Unfortunately, XBMC only lets you easily set Master lock(1) for restricted access to some of its functions like Videos, Photos, Music, etc. To Passcode protect a source folder, you’ll need to edit the “sources.xml” file, a file I mentioned before in this entry.

Ok, let’s do it:

Step 1: Open to edit “sources.xml” file in the following path:
/Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/XBMC/userdata/

Step 2: Look for the source you want to Passcode protect, and insert 3 new keys, viz., lockmode, lockcode, and badpwdcount, within its source tag.  In the example below, the entry for my Passcode protected “Adults only” source is highlighted in bold:

<name>Adults only</name>
smb://IMAC/FreeAgent 1TB FW/iTunes Media/Netware/
<path pathversion="1">/Users/frontrow/Movies/</path>

The lockmode key’s value of 1 sets the type of protection to numeric. The “badpwdcount” tag records the number of failed attempts and stops at 3.  The lockcode tag is your Passcode in MD5, which you can generate using this site’s generator.  In the above example, my numeric Passcode is 1234 and the corresponding MD5 is 81dc9bdb52d04dc20036dbd8313ed055. If you prefer to use a Password instead of a Passcode, then set the lockmode key’s value to 3.

Step 3: Now you have to enable the protection in XBMC’s main menu -> System -> System -> Master lock -> Master lock code and settings. You’ll be asked to enter a Master code, which does not need to be the same as your source Passcode.


Enjoy your seafood!

(1) To set up Master lock, go to XBMC’s main menu -> System -> System -> Master lock