A consequence of adding more functionalities into your AppleTV is clustering up the home screen. I’m a simple person and life’s complicated enough. The last thing I want is degrading the simple pleasure of watching the tele with things I don’t need.

Hence I installed the Overflow plugin so I can KISS (Keep-It-Simple, Stupid). You can do likewise by going to Software Menu -> 3rd Party -> Overflow -> Install. After that, restart your Finder and you’ll see a new Overflow menu on the home screen. Select Overflow Settings to start KISSing. Toggling a button to Green will move the menu item into Overflow, Red to completely hide it from your AppleTV, or leave it in Grey to keep it in Frontrow’s home screen. After making the changes, scroll back up and select Restart Finder for the changes to take effect.

Ah, it’s so simple.