I reboot my AppleTV often and want a quick way to do it. So I’ve been trying to get the builtin “Reboot” script to show up in Software Menu’s main category, but to no avail despite following the instructions.

It turns out I can’t use the built-in script for that purpose. A custom script in the following folder:


would allow me to put up any scripts as a main category item.

So if you’re interested in the same convenience, below is the script I use.

echo "frontrow" | sudo -S command
sudo shutdown -r now

Just copy & paste it in to a plain-text file, saving it with a filename “Reboot aTV.sh” (or whatever you like; just make sure you use the .sh extension.) You will then upload it to the mentioned Scripts folder (which you will create if it doesn’t already exists.)  Then go and left arrow the script to your heart’s content.  Finally, make sure the “Scripts Main Menu” option is enabled in Software Menu’s settings.

I wish the .sh file extension doesn’t show up on the screen but it looks like that’s impossible.