I’ve been wanting the Boxee Box because it looks so nice.  After a couple of postponements, it’s finally available for pre-order at Amazon, for a whopping US$199! One ninety-nine was considered a reasonable price just months ago, but now we can have the (less capable) new AppleTV for just US$99, or half the price.  The Boxee Box suddenly becomes too expensive because of the new AppleTV.

You can argue that it does a lot more out of the box then the new AppleTV, but hey, it’s only a matter of time before the new AppleTV will be hackable to run the Boxee app (and more!) too.  Then the AppleTV becomes significantly more capable than the Boxee Box, at half the price.

Oh well, I wish the new AppleTV looks better than that.  Heck, it looks too much like my little US$40 WD TV mini. Why didn’t Apple make the AppleTV looks really unique and cool?  What happen to Johnathan Ive?  Let’s hope he’s too busy designing a new box for the terribly aged Mac Pro, and we can all forgive him for the lame design of the new AppleTV.

Meanwhile, buy the old AppleTV now at the SG Apple Store before it’s too late.  It’s totally hackable and comes with a spiffy hard disk to refrigerate all your prawns, for just US$160. Hey… wait, come to think about it, the very capable old AppleTV is also less expensive compared to the Boxee Box!

Boxee Box ah Boxee Box… I think your future’s not too bright even though I must give credits to your innovative two-faced remote.