I mentioned in my hacking guide (this one) that you should not install the version of ATVFiles you find inside Software Menu’s “3rd Party” option. That’s because the version it will install is for the older AppleTV OS 2.x, and it will cause the screen to blank out after installation.

Here’s how to have the compatible version of ATVFiles, version 1.3.0b1. It’s dead easy.

Launch the Terminal app in computer and issue the following 3 commands, one at a time.

    1. ssh frontrow@appletv.local
    2. wget http://ericiii.net/sa/appletv/ATVFiles-1.3.0b1.run
    3. sudo sh ./ATVFiles-1.3.0b1.run

When Finder restarts after installation, you’ll find a new “Files” menu item on the home screen. That’s it.

Here’s the Readme file of ATVFiles.

You may delete the script downloaded in Step 2 above with the terminal command “rm ATVFiles-1.3.0b1.run”.