Wouldn’t it be great if you can boot your AppleTV directly into XBMC? Well, you can if you are using Launcher version 3.2.5. Simply enable the MultiFinder option, which you can find in Launcher’s Settings. Unfortunately, it’s a hidden setting that you’ll have to un-hide first. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Exit XBMC if it’s running.
  2. Launch your Terminal app and issue the following commands:

    ssh frontrow@appletv.local
    defaults write com.teamxbmc.xbmclauncher XBMCExpertMode 1

  3. Now go to Launcher -> Settings -> [enable] Multi-Finder. (Get your Apple Remote ready; your universal remote may not work temporarily until your AppleTV is rebooted.)

Once rebooted, you’ll find your AppleTV boots significantly faster and directly into XBMC!

Frontrow is still available; simply exit XBMC as per usual to use it.