The long-awaited XBMC major upgrade version 10.0 (codename Dharma) is out. I’ve been using its various betas and Release Candidates in the past months and love it, and urge you to upgrade your current version 9.11 to enjoy the many improvements and enhancements.

Although one of the primary improvements to XBMC is its new Add-on system where you can now easily find and install various enhancements including Skins, it is the underlying core system that received much loving attention.  You’ll find XBMC 10 running noticeably smoother then the old, especially for .rmvb files.  The new (but optional) integration of its library into an SQL database system is also an excellent new feature for those of you who owns multiple sets of XBMC, or those of you who like to fiddle with your library.  I’ve written a simple tutorial on how to set up the new library here.

The only thing I’m not too happy with the new XBMC is that it cannot generate thumbnails for .rmvb files!  For many of us in Asia who enjoy Chinese TV shows and has a large collection of .rmvb files, it’s hard to figure out which file is the right episode we are looking for.  What a bummer!  I’ve a work-around though. Basically since XBMC 9.11 is able to generate the thumbnails, I use a local copy of XBMC 9.11 in my iMac to generate the thumbnails, then synchronizes the newly generated thumbnails to my AppleTV.  It’s not an ideal solution but that’s better than staring at a screen full of blank thumbnails.

Enjoy the new and improved XBMC!