MeHello I’m Alan.  I’ve been a strict Mac user for more then a decade, and I love my AppleTV dearly. On September 1, 2010 Apple released a new harddisk-less AppleTV. Of course I’m excited about the newly launched AppleTV but I was elated to find the Singapore Apple Online Store clearing the original 1st generation AppleTV for just S$218 (which is about US$160.) That’s a bargain! I quickly snapped up two units, and encourage friends to buy it before the stock runs out.

Apple couriered the boxes to me the next day. That was followed by pleas from friends asking how to hack it and solving issues they encounter. Hence, instead of me help them through the process one by one, this blog is set up to reduce my burden.

I have a large library of music and videos meticulously maintained in my iTunes. Without the AppleTV, I cannot easily access the metadata (genes, rating, comments, album art, etc) in iTunes. Although I have read good reviews and own similar 3rd party media centre, they just don’t measure up. My hacked AppleTV… just works!

I luv tv.

Oh, feel free to ask questions relating to the Apple tv that the blog doesn’t answer, using the comment form below.  Although I can be reached via ha-gmail, I don’t give one-to-one advise no matter how desperate your issues may be. You can find the official AppleTV support at:

A few words about the 2nd generation AppleTV….

Of course I’d be happy to add it to my collection of Apple toys, but I’m in no big hurry. I’ll buy it when it is officially available in Singapore AND when it is hack-able. The AppleTV is not a status symbol like the iPhone and iPad were. Anyone paying a premium to buy from opportunist sellers are … I don’t now, really desperate for social recognition?